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Cooking for Real

Since 2005

Stock and Ladle Food Company’s mission is to provide fresh, healthy, unique and convenient food options for our busy customers to help assist them in their daily lives. We have been in the food business for over 15 years with a proven track record of satisfied customers. We take our food seriously and always source fresh and local ingredients to create our one of a kind menu option’s. We here at Stock and Ladle Food Company feel that a good meal whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or a simple snack is your reward for a hard day’s work.

We take an old-fashioned approach and believe the dinner table is where families come together and bond. We want to cook for you the same way we cook for our own families so you can enjoy some quality time. We simply want to take the worry or stress out of being able to eat a tasty healthy meal throughout your busy work week.

Owner Paul Ceroni has been in business in Burlington for over 15 years and has cooked thousands of dishes for area residents. His approach to cooking is fresh, unique and most importantly it must taste good. We think it is best described as European seasonal cooking with fresh vegetables, quality sourced proteins and satisfying starches. We do not adhere to any particular dietary trend, but because we have been in business so long we have established a  well-versed catalogue of dishes to satisfy any dietary requirement.

Give us a shout or stop by, our doors are always open and love nothing more then to discuss food (one of life’s truest pleasures) with fellow enthusiasts.

Who Are We?

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